EIUC / Global Campus Staff

The EIUC human resources’ structure presents the specific features of an umbrella/coordinating institution which is not embedded in one specific university, but operates as general secretariat providing services to all its “decentralized” partners.

To do so EIUC’s staff:

  • Services the Global Campus, for which the Centre functions as hub and administrative coordinator.
  • Operates as an academic and research centre providing premises, academic structures, project management and financial services to the Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA / Global Campus Europe) as well as to the additional educational, training and research activities, which enrich its portfolio.

The EIUC staff is organised in 6 departments, with the EIUC Secretary General as the apical position (supported by a Personal Secretary), and with the Administrative Director acting as intermediate management position between the Secretary General and the Heads of Department. One department reports directly to the Secretary General (Academic / EMA Department), while the other six departments (Global Campus, Projects, Finances, Fundraising /PR/Communication, Premises and Technical Services, and General Services) report via the Administrative Manager.

EIUC Secretariat

The Secretariat of EIUC includes the following departments/ staff members:


Secretary General

Manfred Nowak
Email: manfred.nowak@eiuc.org

The Secretary General is the director of the Centre and primarily responsible for the well-functioning of EIUC as an institution under Italian law, as well as of its activities in the framework of the Global Campus of Human Rights, and various other education, training and research programmes and projects. He is the apical position with regard to staff management.


Administrative Director

Elisabetta Noli
Email: elisbetta.noli@eiuc.org@eiuc.org

The Administrative Director ensures daily coordination of the activities carried out by the operational staff at EIUC headquarters in Venice. She is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the activities provided in the action documents, to authorize purchases/expenditures within specific threshold; she is the contact point in relation to specific management processes / or evaluations, and assisting the EIUC/GC Governing bodies on specific aspects related to development of the organisation (institutional issues, human resources, partnerships, etc.).


Personal Assistant to the EIUC Secretary General

Anna Zenz
Email: anna.zenz@eiuc.org

The Personal Assistant supports the Secretary General by managing his agenda of appointments and events; organising missions and carrying out background research, producing documents, briefing papers; organising together with the Administrative Director governing bodies meetings or other meetings, conferences or ad hoc events; maintaining the liaison - upon the SG's instructions - with relevant institutions/interlocutors.

Global Campus Department

The Global Campus department manages daily contacts with the Global Campus partner universities, and coordinates the implementation of the activities which for part of the Global Campus joint work plan, including - among others - the Global Classroom, the International Conference on Human Rights and Democratisation, the Global Campus Internship Programme, various e-learning activities, and the meetings of the Global Campus Council.

The Global Campus department is composed by:

Valentina Abita
Email: valentina.abita@eiuc.org
Global Campus Project Manager / Head of Department

Giacomo Ottonello
Email: giacomo.ottonello@eiuc.org
Global Campus Project Officer

And avails itself of the collaboration of:

Angela Melchiorre
Email: angela.melchiorre@eiuc.org
Academic Coordinator of Online Programmes


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Projects Department

The Projects department manages EIUC's educational and training projects implemented by the organisation and including: the Venice School of Human Rights, the Venice Academy of Human Rights, the Training Seminars series (on International Electoral Observation, on the ECHR jurisprudence), the Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy Summer School, and other educational/ training events, conferences regularly organised by EIUC.

The Projects department is composed by:

Alberta Rocca
Email: alberta.rocca@eiuc.org
Project Manager / Head of Department

Elena Battaglia
Email: elena.battaglia@eiuc.org
Project Officer

Serena Caterino
Email: serena.caterino@eiuc.org
Project Officer


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Finance Department

The Finance department supervises the EIUC / Global Campus finances, liaises with Global Campus partners with regard to the budget execution of the action grant and monitoring of expenditure progress, supervises accounting practices by GC partners and EIUC staff, takes care of budgeting and financial reporting, prepares for audits (first and second level), manages daily book-keeping, payments, and other administrative tasks of relevance.

The Finance department is composed by:

Luigi Comacchio
Email: luigi.comacchio@eiuc.org
Finance Manager / Head of Department

Dania Ferrarese
Email: dania.ferrarese@eiuc.org
Finance Officer

Isabella Vianello
Email: isabella.vianello@eiuc.org
Finance Officer


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Fundraising, PR and Communication Department

The Fundraising, PR and Communication Department supports the coordinated communication efforts of EIUC and Global Campus activities, acts as the institution's press office and provides social media services, takes care of the PR and visibility actions for EIUC and for the Global Campus joint activities, manages fundraising activities through the development of project proposals that reflect the EIUC/Global Campus policies and programmatic focus, coordinates in-house graphics and merchandising.

The Fundraising, PR and Communication department is composed by:

Elisa Aquino
Email: elisa.aquino@eiuc.org
Fundraising, PR and Communication Manager / Head of Department

Giulia Ballarin
Email: giulia.ballarin@eiuc.org
Communication and Fundraising Assistant

Isotta Esposito
Email: isotta.esposito@eiuc.org
Communication and PR Officer


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General Services Department

The General Services Department takes care of arranging the logistics services for the EIUC /Global Campus activities/events, having specific regards to accommodation services (hotels, B&B, students' residences, real estate agencies, etc.), catering and restoration services (catering firms, restaurants), travel and local transportation services (coordination with travel agencies, bookings of local transportation, etc.). The department is also responsible for purchases related to other goods or services related to the overall functioning of EIUC, including stationary and specific office supplies, other goods and supplies need of the for organisation of meetings and events held in Venice.

The General Services department is composed by:

Alessandra Silanos
Email: logistics@eiuc.org / alessandra.silanos@eiuc.org
General Services Manager / Head of Department

Enrica Lot
Email: logistics@eiuc.org / enrica.lot@eiuc.org
General Services Officer


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Premises and Technical Services Department

The Premises and Technical Services Department is the department which encompasses management of different services which are related to the overall running of the EIUC premises, the Monastery of San Nicolò, starting from general management of the building and coordination of safety compliance management, IT services, compliance with privacy provisions, supervision of ordinary maintenance and relationship with relevant suppliers, supporting the Secretary General in the liaison with the City of Venice which provides the premises to EIUC, upkeep of EIUC's inventory, running of reception services/protocol/front office. An important component of the Department relates to the ITC services and in particular to web development and web advertising of all EIUC and Global Campus joint activities.

The Premises and Technical Services department is composed by:

Luca Fantinel
Email: luca.fantinel@eiuc.org
Premises and Technical Services Manager / Head of Department

Paola Gesmundo
Email: info@eiuc.org / reception@eiuc.org / paola.gesmundo@eiuc.org

Cristina Moras
Email: info@eiuc.org / reception@eiuc.org / pcristina.moras@eiuc.org

Nicola Tonon
Email: nicola.tonon@eiuc.org
Web Marketing & IT Officer


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