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Prof. Dr. Zdravko Grebo - Global Campus

Honorary President

Prof. Dr. Zdravko Grebo

Co-Director of the ERMA Program, Professor of Law at the University of Sarajevo. He has been the director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies since its establishment until 2007.

Professor Grebo has participated in drafting the alternative Constitution for Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1990. He was founder of the Open Society Foundation - Bosnia and Herzegovina and its chair between 1992 and 1997.

He is also a member of PEN Centre. Professor Grebo is member of the International Association for Theory and Philosophy of Law and secretary of the Legal Science Chamber at the Academy of Science and Art of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He is laureate of many academic awards and distinctions among which the 'Conference of European Rectors', Roosevelt Foundation 'Four Freedoms Award' and the 'Palm Academic Award' of the French Government. Professor Grebo has published five books and more than 200 scientific articles in the field of law.



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Prof. Stefano Bianchini - Global Campus

Prof. Stefano Bianchini

Co-Director of the ERMA Program, Director of the Istituto per l’Europa Centro-Orientale e Balcanica, he is full professor of East European History and Politics at the School of Political Science of the University of Bologna, Forlì Campus, and - since 1993 - has been coordinating the "Europe and the Balkans International Network’’ EBIN.

As a long-standings politics scholar, Prof. Bianchini has dealt with the Yugoslavian federal system and the self-managed system besides working on the post-communist transition processes in the Balkans and in Central Eastern Europe. He has written numerous volumes, some of which have also been translated abroad.


Università di Bologna

Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali, Campus di Forlì, via G. della Torre, 1

I-47100 Forlì

tel.: +39.0543.374113

fax: +30.0543.377088


URL: e


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Prof. Asim Mujkić - Global Campus

Prof. Asim Mujkić

Co-Director of the ERMA Program and a full professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo teaching Philosophy; and Ethics and the Political Elites. He has published five books and more than 80 scientific articles in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad amongst which: Short History of Pragmatism (2005); We, the citizens of the Ethno polis (2007), and Justice and Ethno-nationalism (2010).

Professor Mujkić is also the President of the Association of Political Sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2007) and Vice-Editor in Chief of the Review for Art, Science and Social Issues “Echo”. From 2003-2005 he has been the Head of the Department of Sociology and from 2005-2011, a Pro-Dean for Student Education at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Sarajevo.


University of Sarajevo,

Faculty of Political Sciences, Skenderija 72, 71000 Sarajevo ,BiH


Tel: +387 33 203562


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Prof. Dr. Zdravko Grebo - Global Campus


Prof. Francesco Privitera

ERMA Vice-Director on behalf of the University of Bologna, Prof. Privitera is Professor of Politics and History of Eastern Europe at university of Bologna and president of the Istituto per l'Europa Centro-Orientale e Balcanica. Prof. Privitera current teaching subjects are European Union Enlargement Politics towards East European Countries; Post-Communist Transition Processes in East, Central and Balkan Europe

History of Comparative Politics of Eastern Europe; History of Eastern Europe XIX-XX Centuries; Democracy and Human Rights in the framework of South East European Transition. Among the others, Prof. Privitera is also visiting professor at Budapest Business School; New Bulgarian University, Sofia; McGill, Toronto; U. of Montreal; Warsaw University; U. of Tallin.



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